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CytoSMART is an innovator in kinetic live-cell imaging. Combining compact and fast imaging hardware with powerful image analysis algorithms supported by cloud computing. Automation in time-lapse microscopy and image based cell counting to generate high-quality and robust data.

Our team of engineers continue to develop and optimize the image analysis and data storage capacities linked to our systems, making sure that data-sets are easily processed, stored and kept securely in an online environment. We want to enable research that builds on large data-sets and is conveniently communicated.

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CytoSMART Technologies was founded in 2012 by a team of engineers with great interest in the possibilities for cell culture monitoring and analysis. We are continuously improving our products to aid the life science community to the best of our abilities. By publishing useful tools we strive to bring new insight to cell culture dynamics. We believe that maintaining relations with real end-users is essential for the success of all involved.

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