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CytoSMART announces a U.S. subsidiary

15 December 2020, Eindhoven, The Netherlands - CytoSMART Technologies, the developer of small automated live-cell imaging systems, today announced the opening of a U.S. subsidiary, called CytoSMART Technologies LLC.

“The U.S. subsidiary will allow us to be closer to our U.S. customers and address the rapidly growing demand for our automated live-cell imaging technology“, said Joffry Maltha, CEO at CytoSMART.

About CytoSMART:  CytoSMART Technologies develops and manufactures smart microscope systems for life science labs. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of biologists and engineers who were convinced that a new generation of miniaturized microscopes, powered by artificial intelligence for image analysis, would allow biologists to make discoveries more efficiently and at scale. In 2018 CytoSMART was selected by Microsoft for its prestigious Scale Up program. CytoSMART’s microscopy solutions are used in over a thousand laboratories around the world.

Contact information:

Joffry Maltha, CEO

+31 88 203 2200

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