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How to improve your stem cell culture with the CytoSMART Lux2 - CytoSMART Academy

When a stem cell culture gets too confluent, the risk exists that the stem cells will start differentiating into other cell lineages or will stop proliferating at all and go quiescent. This video describes how the Lux2 (CytoSMART Technologies) can help and improve your stem cell culture. The Lux2 is a live cell imaging device that fits in any cell culture incubator and creates time-lapse videos in the CytoSMART Cloud. Confluence percentage is no longer estimated but calculated, resulting in an objective and accurate confluence output. Because all videos and images are stored in the Cloud, researchers can remotely monitor their cells (live!) anywhere at any given time. This reduces the handling steps in the cell culture monitor process (taken the cells out of the incubator, check under a regular microscope, etc.) which decreases the changes of contamination in the stem cell culture. Lastly, confluence percentage notifications can be set in the Cloud, providing the researcher with extra data that helps planning and diminishing the need for daily lab visits.

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