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On-demand webinar: The use of confluency analysis as cell viability assay

Cell viability is investigated in many different cell culture labs focusing on e.g. cancer research or drug development. Traditional cell viability assays, such as the well-known MTT assay, are generally end-point measurements and are thus not suitable to investigate changes in cell viability assay over time. Confluency analysis of time-lapse movies can be a solution to investigate cell viability over time since it is an easy, non-invasive method.

In this 25-minute on-demand webinar, we will inform you about:

  • The different traditional cell viability assays;
  • The downsides of these assays for investigation of cell viability over time;
  • How confluency analysis of time-lapse moves can overcome these downsides;

We end the webinar with some examples of the CytoSMART Lux2, Lux2 Duo Kit and Omni in which live-cell imaging was used for cell viability analysis.


Webinar details:

  • 25 minutes
  • Online
  • Free registration
  • Presented by Inge Thijssen, CytoSMART Field Application Engineer


The use of confluency analysis as a cell viability assay-CytoSMART webinar
The use of confluency analysis as cell viability assay-CytoSMART webinar
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